Forskare / post-doc hudpenetration?... 2 juni 2015

På Malmö Högskola söker man forskare eller post-doc som ska fokusera på hudpenetration! Intressant och rikitigt bra!

The focus of the current position is to gain a mechanistic insight in how topical formulations reformulate when applied on a surface and how formulation science can be used to facilitate drug delivery through skin. More specifically the project comprises the following questions:

i) How to characterize, describe and understand molecular and nanoscale transformations of formulations which determine their functional properties at surfaces?

ii) How does the skin barrier (i.e. stratum corneum) respond to external factors and how does this response affect solute permeability?  

iii) How can we increase the bioavailability of topically administered hydrophilic and hydrophobic drugs in viable epidermis and dermis?